Certainly we believe that nature has the power of amaze us all the time. Following this value, I’ve always been into the “ovoid” or “egg shape”; I think of it as “a wonder of natural design”.

Well, among other things the most obvious meaning of it is that represents life itself, and in some of the cases gives birth to living beings, that have the ability to fly, to say the least.

Along the centuries through human civilization history; the egg or egg shape has had lots of different meanings and worshiping, through Egyptians, Celtics, Phoenicians to the Easter eggs.

Our concept and image is an homage that emphasize the relation between this form and human kind (the mind and nature), also its reflection in the arts. After all times ,many cultures, lots of folklore that bond us in a special way. That’s why we are your friend, We are Old Folks!

That’s why